A Small Detour to Europe

After spending a week in Thailand, I had one last adventure left. The only catch was that my dad had planned it and didn’t tell me where we would be going. After a lot of guessing and anticipation, I discovered that we’d be stopping in Greece before heading back to the US! After another long flight, we landed in Athens, the capital of Greece. We spent a day and a half in Athens, which seemed so short considering there was so much to see. My dad and I decided to act like true tourists by taking a double decker bus tour around the city. We saw so much of the amazing city, leaving us starving for some awesome Greek food. We found a cute little restaurant where we were able to sit outside and try a bunch of different Greek meats, salads, and appetizers.

After spending some time in Athens, we hopped a flight over to the island of Santorini. Santorini is one of the most popular Greek isles; it is just about as popular as Mykonos. The island immediately blew me away. We arrived early enough in the morning that we were able to see the sunrise over the beautiful blue ocean. The island has rocky cliffs which are called a Caldera. It is also circled around an active volcano, making the island all the more beautiful and exciting. We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Oia on the cliffs of the island with a bunch of pools and jacuzzis. The food at the hotel and in outside restaurants was so awesome, especially considering Greek food is one of my favorites.

We spent most of the time just relaxing on the island since we had used so much of our energy the previous week in Thailand. The weather was way hotter than I expected the whole time for early May, but I wasn’t upset about it. We did do activities like riding a donkey up a cliff side, we saw the ancient ruins of Thera, and  we took a catamaran ride around the island to see all that the coast had to offer. We saw the red beach and the white beach, got an up close view of the volcano, and saw some really cool rock formations that resulted from volcano eruptions. On our final day in Santorini, we went to Perissa beach, a black sand beach on the southern part of Santorini.

After our time in Santorini was over, we flew back to Athens for one final day. Here, we saw a lot of the ancient ruins that Athens is famous for. We saw the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, and the first ever Olympic Stadium. I loved my time in Greece and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for their next place to travel. Although ending my adventures and returning to the United States was sad, I was really happy to be home and see the rest of my family again.




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