Visiting Queenstown, NZ: The Adventure Capital of the World

As my study abroad experience neared its end in April, I had a big trip to plan for. We had a whole week off classes before finals to study, so naturally I wanted to go on one last big trip. A lot of people I had met were choosing to go to Bali or Fiji. My friends and I opted to go visit Queenstown, New Zealand, also known as the adventure capital of the world. Renowned for its many crazy bungy jumps and other adventure activities, we were excited to visit a new city in a new country. We booked our flight and hostel rom for a 5-day trip, our longest yet. Upon arrival in New Zealand, we had to go through a rigorous customs routine to get in the country.

Queenstown, New Zealand

During the semester I was abroad, it was summer in Australia. I packed lots of swimsuits, shorts, and t-shirts to survive the heat of the outback. However, that was not the case in New Zealand in April. It actually snowed while we were there, forcing me to layer all the clothes I brought the whole time I was there. So, while the weather was a  bit surprising, the views were so incredible that I almost forgot how cold I was. The town is centered around beautiful Lake Wakatipu with mountains as the beautiful backdrop. We took a gondola ride up the steep side of the mountain up to an observation deck to get an even better view of the landscape. At the top of the mountain, we rode in Go Karts, an interesting experience since it was hailing on us. After we were frozen solid, we returned to our hostel to warm up.


We stayed in Adventure Queenstown Hostel which was hands down the best hostel I have ever stayed in. If you are ever planning on visiting Queenstown on a budget, you’ve got to stay here. They allow you to do free GoPro rentals for the day, they have fun dinners for the guests, free wifi, and the staff is so incredibly friendly. Most of all, my friend Abigail and I met so many cool people exploring the area there. The staff helped us plan some really cool activities to do throughout the week while we were there as well. Abby and I decided to go on a wine tour in the awesome wine producing area – we went to so many great vineyards and got to taste tons of high-quality wines. She also planned to do the Nevis Swing, the world’s largest rope swing over Shotover Canyon, and I planned to go sky diving.

Abby’s rope swing ended up being really cool, but also really scary! My sky dive was planned for the last day because that was the day the weather was anticipated to be the nicest. Unfortunately, come the last day, it was too cloudy for me to do the jump (don’t worry though, I’ve checked this off my bucket list since then in Las Vegas). We also visited an awesome ice bar, as if it wasn’t cold enough already. So although I didn’t get to do anything too adventurous in Queenstown, I still had the time of my life and I can’t wait to go back!


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